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We like to start each client meeting with the question “what is your biggest pain point and how can we help solve it?” At Break Free we specialize in creating a targeted and systematic approach to tackling your administrative struggles. We have seen too many people with great ideas and big visions trapped by administrative duties and unable to reach their goals. We want to bring freedom from the administrative burdens and allow you to do what you do best.


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At Break Free we know that every company is unique and has needs that are different from anyone else. That why every client we work with gets a customized plan.


We are proud of the work we have done for our clients. Check it out!

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"Let them help you build a strong foundation for your business!"

"Heather is amazing to work with. Very professional, flexible, and intelligent, they are knowledgeable about business processes. They anticipate my needs before I'm even aware that I need it and they have the skills and support to make any start up company strong from the beginning."

Kristin Pease, Director of The Reading Direction


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ADDRESS: 4981 Ridgecrest Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45242

TEL: 513-291-3550  |

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